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Foot Vein Removal Specialist

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Foot veins, like varicose veins, can cause unattractive, blue, bulging veins in your feet that can be uncomfortable and ruin the appearance of your feet. To have unsightly foot veins removed, see Inam Haq, MD, FACS, and Sushil Samant, MD, FACS, FICS, at the Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center. For more than 35 years, the experienced vascular surgery team has offered minimally invasive treatments for foot veins in Midland Beach of Staten Island and Borough Park of Brooklyn, New York. Find out how foot vein removal can improve the look and feel of your feet today by scheduling a visit online or by phone.

Foot Vein Removal Q & A

What do varicose veins in your feet look like?

While varicose veins are most common in the legs, they can also show up in your feet when the valves in your veins become dysfunctional or weakened. This leads to blood pooling in the veins of your feet, stretching the veins so they protrude from your skin and appear as bulging, twisted, blue- or purple-colored veins.

Walking and standing for long periods can worsen varicose veins in the feet and may lead to discomfort, itching, or swelling in your feet. If left untreated, foot veins may break through the surface of your skin and bleed or transition into phlebitis, a condition that involves inflammation and irritation of your veins.

What causes visible foot veins?

Varicose veins in the feet occur when the valves in your veins break down or become weakened, which is often aggravated by standing and walking. Similar to varicose veins in your legs, foot veins can be caused by:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Pregnancy
  • Fluctuating hormones
  • Standing or walking for long periods for your job
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Chronic venous insufficiency

Having family members with foot veins may also increase your risk. If the appearance of foot veins bothers you or is causing uncomfortable symptoms, visit the Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center for care.

How are foot veins treated?

Dr. Haq and Dr. Samant often recommend sclerotherapy for the treatment of foot veins. During this 30-minute, in-office procedure, your doctor first cleans your skin with an antiseptic wipe, then uses a very thin needle to inject the sclerosing solution.

No anesthesia is needed for the procedure, though you may feel a small pinch or prick when the needle is inserted. The sclerosing solution can also cause a mild burning or tingling sensation for up to a day after treatment. Your doctor may recommend multiple injections during the same visit, depending on the size of your veins and the number of veins that require treatment.

After your visit, the sclerosing agent takes effect to seal off the affected vein and prevent blood from pooling in it again. Your blood then flows naturally through other healthy veins in your foot. In some cases, only one treatment session is needed, though the team may suggest multiple visits to completely eliminate your foot veins.

Schedule a consultation for foot vein removal now by calling the Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center or book online.