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Varicose Vein Treatment Specialist

Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center

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Swollen, puffy, discolored varicose veins are unsightly and extremely uncomfortable. At Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center in Midland Beach of Staten Island and Borough Park of Brooklyn, New York, Inam Haq, MD, FACS, and Sushil Samant, MD, FACS, FICS, offer effective treatments to alleviate the unpleasant appearance and discomfort of these veins. Call the office to learn about your options or schedule a consult online today.

Varicose Vein Treatment Q & A

How are varicose veins evaluated?

The doctors at Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center perform a physical exam while you’re sitting and standing to determine the level of swelling your veins are causing. They review your symptoms and likely order an ultrasound to look at the quality of vein function and for any potential blood clots.

During an ultrasound, a technician runs a specialized wand over your legs to use sound energy to create pictures on a monitor. These pictures help the doctors evaluate the severity of your varicosity.

What are conservative varicose vein treatments?

Lifestyle changes can often improve the symptoms of mild varicose veins. These include:

  • Losing weight if you’re overweight or obese
  • Adding regular exercise, such as walking
  • Elevating your legs above your heart whenever you sit down
  • Avoiding long periods or standing or sitting without shifts in position
  • Wearing loose clothes and appropriate, supportive shoes (no tight waistbands or high heels)

Before you undergo other invasive treatments, you may also be prescribed medical-grade compression stockings. These thigh-high garments steadily squeeze your legs so blood moves more efficiently.

What are treatments for severe varicose veins?

When your varicose veins fail to respond to conservative treatments, Dr. Haq and Dr. Samant may recommend more intensive treatment. You may be a candidate for sclerotherapy, which involves injecting a special salt solution into the varicose veins so they collapse and fade away. You may need multiple injections to achieve the results you want. But, these injections are performed on an outpatient basis and require no anesthesia.

In cases of large veins, the doctors may recommend foam sclerotherapy, which involves a foam solution that’s more effective on these severe cases of varicosity.

Your veins may not be eligible for sclerotherapy if they’re exceptionally large and swollen. Dr. Haq and Dr. Samant offer endovenous laser treatment, which closes off veins using laser energy. Laser energy is directed through a catheter inserted into the vein. The heat of the laser destroys the vein, causing it to collapse.

When varicose veins are destroyed, your body effectively directs blood flow to other healthier veins.

To learn more about varicose vein treatments, call the office or book online.