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Bulging blue or purple veins on the backs of your hands can make your hands appear much older than you actually are and may lower your confidence significantly. For effective treatments to remove unwanted hand veins, the vascular surgeons at the Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center in Midland Beach of Staten Island and Borough Park of Brooklyn, New York, can help. With more than 35 years of experience each, Inam Haq, MD, FACS, and Sushil Samant, MD, FACS, FICS, have dedicated themselves to safe and precise treatments to remove visible hand veins. To set up a consultation, call or schedule online today.

Hand Veins Q & A

What causes visible hand veins?

It’s normal for your skin to lose elasticity as you age, but that can also cause the superficial veins in your hands to appear more prominent than normal. Many of the components that lend skin its elasticity — such as collagen — break down over time, leading to sagging and loose skin. Without collagen to fill out the skin in your hands, the veins on the back of your hands stand out more and can appear bulging, blue or purple, and twisted.

This is especially noticeable in areas where your skin is exposed to the sun and UV radiation, like the backs of your hands. Sun damage is one of the reasons why the skin on your hands can look much older than skin elsewhere on your body.

By removing unwanted hand veins, the doctors at Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center can restore more youthfulness to your hands and help you feel more confident in your appearance.

How are hand veins removed?

At the Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center, the doctors use sclerotherapy to remove unwanted hand veins from the surface layers of your skin. Sclerotherapy is a type of injection that combines saline and a sclerosing agent that breaks down your blood vessels, causing them to collapse.

Over time, the collapsed veins are absorbed by your body and removed as waste products. Meanwhile, your blood naturally flows through other healthy veins deeper in your skin and the muscles of your hands.

Hand vein removal provides a long-lasting solution to unwanted hand veins without the need for surgery or other invasive procedures.

Is hand vein removal safe?

Yes, it is safe to remove superficial veins from your hands. Your hands have numerous blood vessels located superficially — meaning close to the surface of your skin — and deeper within your muscles. In fact, most of the blood that flows through your hands flows through these deeper arteries and veins.

Removing the superficial veins from your hands is safe and doesn’t interfere with proper circulation in your hands. Instead, removing these veins simply redirects blood flow into the deeper veins in your hands to be returned to your heart.

To learn more about hand vein removal, call the Laser & Varicose Vein Treatment Center now or book a consultation online.